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If you reach for the STARS and fall short, you’ll still end up in the clouds” - Anonymous

Have you ever wished that you could have an open conversation or better yet, have the opportunity to learn directly from people who know the secrets to becoming RICH?  

If this sounds interesting to you, then consider this your lucky day.  Through the wonder of the internet, we are now able to share with you the teachings of several of the greatest of financial minds via video learning classes.

Traditionally, attendance at these classes could cost thousands of dollars – here, they are provided to you at NO cost, absolutely FREE.  Consider it a GIFT from us to you.

I am certain that if you will invest just a few minutes of your time and watch the video clips below, you will be well on your way to the success that you desire.


* Just REMEMBER – as you grow richer, and I am confident that you will - kindly remember to reach back, always helping others.

As surely as you were taught to ride a bicycle and later you learned to drive a car, also, it is possible that you can learn the steps necessary to attain great wealth.  I invite you to watch the training videos below.  Over time, you too will possess the knowledge necessary to achieve your own financial success!

“You Have Greatness Within You”

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8 Step-By-Step Specifics”

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Self Made Millionaire “SECRETS"

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“Become Your Best”

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“Think about what you want”

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Bonus = “FEEL GOOD” Video

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Do something today to make your dreams come to life G. Quincy Murrell


1.  8 “Secrets” to Success

I hear people asking the question, what is the “SECRET” to obtain financial wealth and success?  Well, if you are ready for the answer to that question, here it is.  And the answer is: “_________”.  There you have it.  It just doesn’t’ exist.  There really is NO one big “SECRET”.  After interviews with over 100 millionaires and a few billionaires thrown in for good measure, there appears to be a fairly well accepted consensus that there really is not this mythical one BIG Secret to becoming RICH.  No magical words that are spoken in dark back rooms that are secretly being kept from you.  Still, you should read on.  YES, indeed it is most equally agreed among these successful persons that there are in all likelihood pieces of the puzzle, several pieces of information that are required if you are to realize your greatest probability of achieving the highest levels of financial success.  So to recap, BIG SECRET = NO.  On the other hand, information that you need to know = YES.

Wealthy individuals have been overheard to say, “perhaps the biggest difference between very successful people and people who are less successful remains Information.”

So what does this mean for you and me ? It’s actually quite simple; we’ve only to obtain more information on the subject, next to understand and apply that information. Fortunately, you are indeed in a great place to secure some of that additional information that successful people have routinely come to rely upon. Some of the very same knowledge that has well served some of the most successful people in the world for so many years is herein listed on these pages. Here, we have assembled a vast array of information, from a variety of sources. Much of the information found on these pages is retold or restated, directly the same as spoken or written by several highly successful people. Also, thrown in for good measure, are a few recitations by our founder, G. Quincy Murrell.

Lesson 1.  Success itself can be a very good teacher if we are willing to listen and learn.  Translation, there are some specific habits and actions of the very wealthy that you and I can follow and emulate in order to help us to follow in the path that has already been tried and tested for us.  We have only but to pay attention.

In most instances, if we are provided with a clear and legible road map, and if we will pay close attention to that map, we have an excellent chance at arriving at the intended destination.  If we have a map to New Mexico or to New York, follow the map, and you will probably get there.  For success, it’s much the same.  There are numerous examples and great success stories all around us, we have only to follow one of these paths that has been clearly laid out and often well documented.  Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jimmy Carter, etc., etc. they  all have books tracing their paths to success.  Also, each of their paths to success, as well as most everyone on the Forbes Richest People list can all be easily researched on the internet; as relates to their preparation, paths, habits and later teachings to achieve success.

For your own success, you would do well to identify the path of a successful person that you wish to emulate or even improve upon.  Follow that path as closely as you possibly can and surely you will increase the likelihood that you too will attain a similar level of success.  Know this law of nature: the very action of you thinking and you, for yourself taking actions as the example successful person might, puts YOU also on the path/direction to yourself becoming a very successful person.


I invite you to watch an excellent 3 minute hands on “How-To” video presentation Click Here >>

Change The World Chairman Murrell, Lecturer Richard St. John, and many others, sum up 8 important steps to first achieving AND sustaining success:

1.   Locate a cause that you can have Passion about –

2.   Be willing to Work Hard

3.   Constantly Improve & Educate Yourself

4.   Have Laser Beam Focus

5.   Keep Pushing Yourself (like all of the great ones, he motivates himself)

6.   Have ideas – Dream Big Dreams

7.   Serve others – find out what people need and provide it?

8.   Persist – Never give up, never, never, never, ever Quit   - Never give up (do you get my point? - Never, ever Quit !!)

2. Push yourself to know more and to do more.  Make a Promise to yourself that you will constantly continue learning and growing each and every day.  Do whatever it takes, always reading, researching, absorbing, sharing, pushing yourself to become the best you that you can possibly be on any given day.  Put in the necessary work to become a better person tomorrow than you already are today -

If your goal is mediocrity, then you are probably OK to not push yourself or even to try very hard.  For mediocre results to come about, you can probably keep doing more or less what comes easy for you.  You’ll never need to push past your current comfort zone and you’ll never run the risk of possibly failing or doing anything that you are not already good at.  Along those same lines, you will never grow.  “And if you can’t grow, you can’t be your best and if you can’t be your best then what else is there?” – Les Brown

But if you want to see your dreams through, sometimes you’ve got to push yourself away from the usual safe places and through your fears.  I’m not saying that you should try dangerous things, not at all, only that sometimes in business, in life; you’ve got to take a few Risks.  Risk which are well thought and well calculated, still, you’ll need to push yourself.

Having ideas and big dreams that reach into the sky is good.  Still, making a plan and taking action to turn those dreams into reality is an entirely different matter.  Action is the thing which makes all the difference in the world.  Action is the thing which will always separate the talkers from the doers and separate the winners from the losers.

The one true reality is that you, and you alone will be the person most responsible for making your own dreams come to fruition.  Very often it’s going to take lots of planning, many long days and sleepless nights; but if you will keep trying and scratching and clawing in the pursuit of your goals; then most certainly it will only be a matter of time until the desires of your thoughts and efforts of your hard work show their full fruition.

3. It’s OK, to have several dreams in mind.  I want you to expect to achieve all or at least several of your dreams; still it will be very important to concentrate on achieving them, one by one!

Remember, it’s going to take laser beam focus in order to accomplish most dreams.  In fact, I don’t so much anymore care to refer to them as “Dreams” as much as I prefer the term “Goals”.   I suggest to you that what others might term as dreams or lofty ideals; I humbly suggest that you replace that word dreams and simply refer to them as “Goals”.

I invite you to focus and work daily on your Goals, formerly, called Dreams.  Do not limit yourself on what you want to accomplish, or fall into the trap of small thinking.  Create a few goals in various areas of your life.  Now that you have these goals in mind, they will encompass different levels.  A few will be smaller, a few medium, and two or three or so should be very large goals.  These very large goals (what you formerly referred to as Dreams); I want you now to think of them in terms of specific projects.  Each project having its own specific plan of action to reach completion.  Now, with these Goals and a workable Plan in your hand, you are well on your way to achieving most anything.  Your success is now within your hands!

4. Translate dreams into specific goals

The greatest step you need to take to push your dreams to the limit is to translate them into goals.  Become a Goal-Setter.  Sort of sounds like Go-Getter doesn’t’ it; and that can be a good thing? 

Turn those Dreams/Goals into a things to do list.  For me, they now take on a much more workable form.  Goals, I think are something that we all can relate to; whereas, when we speak in terms of Dreams, that seems a bit in the far away distance and perhaps, even un-attainable.

Get goals out of your head and on to paper.  This is an old trick and still so very effective.  You can create a vision board, a life list, or a personal things-to-do list, one short term (about 1 year) and one long term (perhaps 3-5 years).

Take some direct action towards your goals each and every single day of the year; even on holidays.  Everyday, means, everyday.  You need to be moving towards your goals every day of the year.  I know that everyone can spare a minimum of 30 minutes each day to take a step that gets you closer to your Dream/Goal.  Thirty minutes isn’t a lot taken out of an entire 24 hour day, but it will really add up quickly to become a lot of total time spent working toward that goal which is closest to your heart.  Get up 30 minutes earlier, stay up 30 minutes later, and definitely, definitely, definitely, you can watch LESS TV. (turn it off, definitely for the kids, let them read books, talk to you about their day, etc - remind them, “the people on TV already have their money”)

5. Remind yourself of what’s at stake

You’ve got to remember the main reasons why you need to achieve a goal.  It could be to leave a job you hate, to get a better life for you and your loved ones, or it could be so you can change the world.

When you remind yourself of who’s counting on you and the high stakes of something that is so real, it becomes much easier to press on with the fight when faced with the thought of quitting.

6.  Throw out that concept of “Overnight” success

The notion of “Overnight” success is one of the biggest misconceptions regarding attaining one’s destiny.  I dare say that this is the number one reason people give up on their goals so easily.  According to the US Small Business Administration, “The average millionaire has had on average 16 business failures before he/she attains their first million dollar success.”  Now that you know what to expect, the simple point is this - just don’t give up.  Never, never, never, ever, never quit.  Never give up and the success that you desire will most assuredly be yours.

7.  Amazing list of support groups:

The following list of business organizations and support groups can be an excellent resource for most everyone in business, still, their core focus is for women and minorities.  To visit their website Click Here =

8.  Billionaires & Millionaires & World Leaders offer advice via video talks, cost = FREE

Did you know that there exists an annual conference where some of the greatest minds in the world gather to share ideas which could make you RICH, as well, help to make this a better world.  Attendance at the conference is by invitation only, still, more than 500 TED talks are provided for free viewing online.  As of April 2009, talks had been viewed over 100 million times by more than 15 million people.  From the TED website: "We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world.”  Ideas by Bill Gates and others =

9.    Scroll higher up on this page and watch or re-watch the 6 learning class videos.


             do Dream - You have a vision, an idea, and a plan to make the world better. 

                   do Plan – Write it down, type it up.  Email it.  Put it on a napkin, on scrap paper.  Just get it out!  Stuck?  It’s easy - always, always keep a pen and  writing pad close by.  Occasionally, pick up that pen and paper.  Surely, over time, you’ll have a page filled with ideas which are nearest to your heart.

                               take Action – Get off of the sidelines and get involved! – It’s easier than you think – Make a plan and stick to it with all of your heart.

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